Welcome To Neuheit Pharma Technologies

Neuheit Pharma Technologies Private Ltd is a Hyderabad based Research & Development Company specializing in the research and development of pharmaceutical drug products (for marketing authorizations in global regulated markets). The company is pro-actively involved in development of complex generic and differentiated products from ideation to commercialization. It also offers consultancy services in all disciplines of pharmaceutical product development including pharmacokinetic design and modeling with emphasis on bioequivalence and bioavailability studies. Our key strength is developing novel approaches for bio/clinical waiver strategies and 505(b) (2) product ideational development.  We intend to grow in the ever expanding global pharmaceutical industry by collaborating with strategic partners in different disciplines of formulations.

Formulation Development

Immediate release tablets with and without bio complexity/stability (both chemical and physical). Delayed Release, Extended Release and Sustained Release Tablets.

Platform Technologies

We offer in depth analysis of various platform technologies that provide intellectual property, basket of products, clinical efficiency/patient compliance and competitive edge.

505 (b) (2)

We offer our research-based reports to our customers to choose 505 B2 products and also new delivery systems that offer clinical benefit to patients..

Solid Orals

Immediate release tablets and capsules with and without bio complexity/stability (both chemical and physical).Complex Delayed Release and Extended Release pellets using various beads.

Derma Products

The team members have both theoretical and practical knowledge in developing cosmetics, derma drug products for both local and systemic actions.

Bio Studies

Bio relevant in-vitro tests to understand in vitro behavior of products and development of IVIVC/R. Bio study strategy comprising of suitable study design, sampling points, protocol and number of volunteers.