About Us

All what you need to know about our company

Company Profile

Neuheit Pharma Technologies Private Ltd established in 2013, is a Research & Development company that provides Creative Solutions for Human Suffering by developing complex generics and innovative products that offer clinical advantage to the patient. The company is started with solid orals and expanded to liquid orals & Injectables (general and high potent).  Currently expansion is in progress towards the development of dermal/topical R & D facility. Separate manufacturing facility for solid orals for regulatory market is also in progress.

Our Name

The German word “Neuheit” means innovation. The name speaks about our nature.

Our Vision

To become a globally reputed company that provides ‘creative solutions for human suffering either individually or in collaboration’.

Our Mission

To develop complex ANDAs, 505(b)(2) products, novel drug delivery systems and novel strategies for bio/clinical waiver to provide affordable products for human suffering.


  • Customer Centricity: We believe that our customers are in the Centre of our business
  • Reliability: We strive hard to keep our commitments
  • Efficiency: We are determined to eliminate waste by applying sound scientific principles to achieve highest cost benefit.
  • Affordability: Our efforts are focused to provide affordable solutions to our customers
  • Transparency: Our systems and activities are open to our customers, regulatory and relevant people
  • Innovation: We solve problem innovatively to develop affordable and efficacious products
  • Value addition: Every act of ours is directed towards value addition to our customers and products
  • Equality: We respect every individual equally irrespective of hierarchy